LD-AIR LiDAR | Ultra-Small & High-Precision TOF Sensor For All Robotic Applications

Ready-To-Use Compliant laser sensor with 360° Sensing Capabilities that is small and versatile enough to fit in any appliance for any creative projects.

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Adopting Advanced Technology To Harvest High Accuracy ‘Seeing’ Capabilities

Made For DIY Enthusiast & Creative Makers

DIY Autonomous Robot - Drones, 3D Scanner, Self-Driving Cars

Digital Art - Multimedia Projection Interaction

Built To Serve Business & Research Pruposes

Robot Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance

Environmental Scan and 3D Reconstruction

Cooperation Partners

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LDROBOT is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and global sales of robotics, artificial intelligence and related core technologies.

Based on independent research and development and innovation, the company builds the "central nervous system" of mobile robots through technologies such as environment reconstruction and perception, map construction and autonomous navigation, dynamic object recognition, machine learning, motion control, cloud computing and cloud services.

Currently, LDROBOT has more than 200 core intellectual property rights in AI and robotics technologies, with nearly 200 patents and more than 20 soft wares, and a global IP system covering the core fields of robot environment reconstruction and recognition, machine vision, deep learning and artificial intelligence.

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